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F Gas Regulation and Replacing R22

R22 refrigerant has been used for many years in air conditioning systems but contributes to the depletion of the ozone and International agreement has put restrictions in place to phase out its use. The Facts Legislation bans the supply of new or virgin R22 refrigerant used to service equipment from 31st December 2009 as it is an Ozone Depleting Substance and is categorized as a Hydrochlorofluoprocarbon (HCFC). Only reclaimed or recycled R22 refrigerant may be used from January 2010 until 31st December 2014.

Systems operating on R22 refrigerant will be classed as “not serviceable” from December 2014. A complete ban of R22 refrigerant, including reclaimed or recycled will be effective on 31st December 2014. When a commodity is in low demand then the costs are guaranteed to increase, the cost of R22 refrigerant is expected to quadruple in price year on year and analysts are predicting we will run out of recycled R22 refrigerant by 2013.


The Solution

We survey our clients premises without obligation and obtain a comprehensive list of all air conditioning equipment on-site, we then use selection software in order to demonstrate the cost benefit analysis for our clients, typically we have experienced that the capital cost outlay is recovered in just 4 or 5 years due to advances made in the design of the equipment, also in many cases we can utilize the existing refrigerant pipework, minimizing the interruption and reducing the installation time of the new system.

Frank Roche Services, in compliance with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) ensures that all R22 refrigerant gas is removed from the system and returned to the gas suppliers who will dispose of it, the outdoor units are considered hazardous waste and these units are collected by a specialist firm who will remove any remaining oils etc before defragmenting the unit for recycling, Frank Roche Services will receive a certificate for this equipment which can be passed on to our client.

The Benefit Due to the advances in the technologies used in modern air conditioning, such as Inverter control over the compressor which allows precise control over the compressor speed, the current range of R410 refrigerant based equipment is far more efficient than the older R22 which it replaces and typically the running cost saving is 30%, this saving is significant and ensures that the payback period is indeed very short. Contact Frank Roche Services for an obligation free survey of your existing equipment a we will carry out a full air-conditioning audit a running cost audit and using software predict the savings and payback period.


For more information on R22 replacement please contact Noel (0879578712) or Grainne (02243324) and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.



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