Frank Roche Air Conditioning Ltd.

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Our Services

We would like to introduce the maintenance division of our organization. FRS have been installing and maintaining top end air conditioning systems for over 20 years.


We are fully accredited with the EPA and FGR for all 2079 FGAS & ODS Handling and disposal. 

We have been, and continue to be, one of the leading maintenance service providers in Ireland.

We pride ourselves as a reputable company which is all thanks to our experience, capability, training, determination, customer service and professionalism.

We are fully trained to supply and maintain all top brands:

  • Daikin Europe
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industry
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sanyo
  • Toshiba
  • Carrier

On the maintenance side we have all fully qualified and certified Engineers to look after our large base of clients nationwide.

We are fully committed to providing the best, most efficient customer service whether it be troubleshooting issues, maintaining the ac units or even just client demonstrations on how to use the units.

Big or small, we strive to ensure all of our customers feel they are heard, well looked after and most importantly seen to in a timely manner.

To keep your equipment running flawlessly at all times, we provide periodic maintenance and repairs on all systems, ensuring your Ac plant are always running at maximum efficiency.

Cutting back on planned maintenance has proven to be a false economy. Long term, you’ll save money with preventative maintenance while avoiding system breakdowns that could cause uncomfortable working conditions and prove to be costly.

Our preventative maintenance contracts are tailored to ensure that your mechanical services equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration get the full service they need to run smoothly.

We maintain a wide range of Air Conditioning Systems including:



  • Split Systems
  • Multi Split Systems
  • VRV and VRF Systems
  • Close Control Units
  • Chillers
  • Fan Coil Units
  • All HVAC
  • AHUs
  • Ventilation Units
  • HRUs
  • Warm Air Systems

Common signs your air conditioning needs a service

  • Smells – bad or funny smells; burning smell turn the unit off immediately! If rodents have fried components you’ll need new parts.
  • Mould – you can see Mould on the blades, on/behind filters; do not leave in this state, have your unit serviced as soon as possible so you are not breathing this.
  • Leaking Water – if water is leaking from the inside head unit you’ve developed a blockage and this definitely needs to be cleared by a technician; it may also require new parts depending on level of damage caused.


  • Noises – banging, clicking etc; could also be repair required if mechanical components have failed.
  • Air Flow – if the air flow is reduced. If there is ‘no’ air flow is most likely needing a repair not a service.
  • Dust/Debris Build Up – if you haven’t turned your unit on for a while, dust and debris will have built up and this can be sucked into the mechanical components of the unit causing bigger issues.
  • Time – when was your unit last serviced? Units are meant to be service minimum twice yearly.