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Commercial Heat Pumps

With 70o C Flow Temperature Following on from the hugely successful Ecodan domestic air to water heat pump, Mitsubishi Electric developed the brand new award winning CAHV heat pump boiler for commercial applications with 43kW of heating capacity available in a single model unit. A multiple unit system has the ability to cascade available units on and off to meet the load from a building. As an example of this modulation, a 16 unit system allows 0.5kW increments of capacity, from 18kW all the way up to 688kW. This level of modulation is unprecedented within the heating industry and with cascade and rotation built in as standard, the Ecodan CAHV system is perfectly suited to a wide range of commercial applications due to its ability to provide water at 70o C flow temperature without a booster heater circuit. The Mitsubishi Electric CAHV is MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) approved and has been specified by Consulting Engineers in Ireland and the UK since its launch, as the very high COP of 4.13 makes it ideally suited to providing low temperature hot water for underfloor as well as its ability to provide a buildings requirement for hot water allowing it to replace existing traditional boilers.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting is the collection of rain water for use as a building’s grey water, it can be stored above ground or more typically below ground, water is then pumped from the storage tank to the building for use in washing machines and toilets, the water is collected from the storage tank by float and before water is introduced to the building it is filtered to remove any debris or leaves etc. A water station is provided which incorporates a pump and an interface to the water mains which will always look first to the rainwater system first for supply and in the event that the supply is not available then the system will revert to the mains water supply. Any size of water storage can be accommodated. Rainwater can be used for toilets, gardening, washing, meaning that over 50% of the requirement of a domestic house can be met using rainwater, rising to 75% on commercial properties. Frank Roche Services recently installed a rainwater harvesting system for a Bar / Restaurant in Mallow, Co. Cork, initially the requirement was borne out of the requirement of the client to reduce their commercial water rates , however a further benefit was when the Council was carrying out essential maintenance, there was a full day where the water supply was interrupted however due to the capacity of the storage system the Bar/ Restaurant was able to remain open and capitalize where other business’s had to close.


Renewable Technologies

To-day everyone is talking about the rising cost of carbon based fuels such as diesel, petrol and home heating oil due to the limited availability and the global dependence on the political stability of oil producing countries, unfortunately neither the long term availability of fuel or the stability of some regions can be guaranteed and so the cost is going steadily up. Added to this we have carbon tax on these fuels which is increasing all the time. The solution is some form of green energy which can be relied upon and currently in Ireland we are increasing our stock of Wind Turbines dramatically as well as being the market leaders in Wave Energy technology, people using this technology via electric air to water heat pumps will benefit going forward from much lower energy costs and have a greener heating system without the added cost of carbon tax. Air to Water heat pumps have been around for many years, however it hasn’t been until recently with the advent of inverter controlled compressors in the heat pump allowing greater controllability with soft start operation and much reduced running costs, even to-day customers should ensure that the air to water heat pump is indeed inverter controlled as some cheaper manufacturers have yet to use this technology resulting in large bills for the end user. Please click on the link below on Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) website for information on how heat pumps work and why they are so efficient.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has become more commonplace in Ireland over the past decade, it involves an arrangement of low temperature water pipework encased in the concrete floor of the building at the construction stage. The advantage of underfloor heating is that it is perfectly suited to heat pumps as they themselves are specifically designed to provide water at relatively low flow temperatures, the lower the flow temperature the more efficient the operation will be (ie low temperature = high COP). Underfloor heating is also desirable when using gas fired condensing boilers as gas fired condensing boilers can modulate their output depending on various parameters but normally they will feature weather compensation which will alter the flow temperature from the boiler comparative to the outside air temperature, the boiler return temperature on a condensing gas boiler is directly related to the efficiency and performance of the system. Underfloor heating will maintain a constant room temperature, ensuring that the house is comfortable at all times, it is also considered that the heat from an underfloor heating system is supplied to the space more evenly. Wall space that would normally be used for radiators is freed up giving cleaner wall space and more room for furniture.

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