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Ventialtion and Heat Recovery

 Frank Roche Services supplies and installs commercial ventilation systems, both heat recovery ventilation systems for the provision of fresh air for occupants and supply and extract systems serving industrial applications and commercial kitchens.

Heat Recovery Ventilation is widely used in offices for the provision of fresh air, currently in commercial properties this fresh air requirement is designed into a project at an early stage, once the building use and projected occupancy level is established, using CIBSE or ASHRAE guidelines we can design the required amount of ventilation, this design criteria meets with current legislation and meets more accurately the actual requirement than the old calculation method of calculating air change rate.

Heat recovery is the single largest factor for consideration in designing a ventilation system as it helps to reduce the total operating cost of the building, in Summer time for example the system will operate in “free cooling mode“ taking the air from outside and by-passing the heat exchanger so that fresh cool air is introduced to the space rather than using air-conditioning. Poor air quality in buildings has been proven to cause low productivity, poor concentration and higher rates of absenteeism among employees, indeed the UK has conducted a comprehensive survey in school classrooms and as a result of their findings now insist on all classrooms being adequately mechanically ventilated using heat recovery ventilation. Modern houses are so well sealed nowadays that it is necessary to install a heat recovery ventilation system.

Frank Roche Services uses Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay LGH-RSDC-E which features 5 fan speed settings and 90% efficiency due to its superior design.

Model Info

• Effective fresh air ventilation and efficient recovery of heating/cooling energy

• New "Hyper Eco Core" facilitating improved humidity penetration

• Extremely quiet sound levels

• Low power consumption with 5 variable fan speeds

• By-pass mode for 'free cooling'. Including new Power Mode to supply a greater volume of fresh, cool air - for instance during summer nights

• SAP Appendix Q Approved Particularly suitable for modern homes with high insulation afforded by double glazing and cavity insulation, which require ventilation to remove stale air without major heat loss. This model is also suitable for a number of non-residential applications such as schools. LGH-50RSDC-E Airflow (m3/h) - Lossnay Ventilation - Lo-Hi-ExHi 100-340-445 Noise (dBA) - Lossnay Ventilation - Lo-Hi-ExHi 18-26-31 Noise (dBA) - Bypass Ventilation - Lo-Hi-ExHi 18-26-31 Width - mm 1099+73 Depth - mm 898 Height - mm 302 Weight - kg 45 Electrical Supply 220-240v, 50Hz Fuse Rating (BS88) - HRC (A) 6 Duct Size (mm) 200 Power Input (W) - Low 14 Power Input (W) - High 92 Power Input (W) - Extra high 172 Starting Current (A) 2 Mains Cable No. Cores 3 Temperature Exchange Efficiency (%) - Low 90 Temperature Exchange Efficiency (%) - High 80 Temperature Exchange Efficiency (%) - Extra High 75

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