Frank Roche Services: Total Temperature Control


Without an air curtain warm air escapes and cold air enters. With an air curtain warm air is retained and cold air is heated.

Why fit an Air Curtain?


Air curtains help promote the perfect environment whether
warm, cool or ambient - creating a comfortable climate for
customers and employees.

Open door policy

Air curtains allow open door trading in retail outlets by providing uninterrupted access for passing trade. energy-saving.

Air curtains over open doors provide significant energy
savings compared to those without air curtains. protection.

Air curtains help ensure a clean environment - protecting
from dust, fumes, insects and general outdoor pollution.

Ease of installation

Air curtains are not only easy to install but also easy to maintain throughout their serviceable life. A simple and cost-effective solution for a comfortable environment.

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Frank Roche Services is an approved business solution partner for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems FR SERVICES: Total Temperature Control
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