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Jet Towel Dryer


The latest in hand drying technology

These are quickly becoming the most talked about feature in Pubs, clubs, restaurants, office buildings, colleges etc across the country.

Hand drying will never be the same. Millions of hands around the globe have benefited from Mitsubishi’s Jet Towel technology since 1993.

Now, several generations later, our latest sleek designs, with hot and cool air options incorporate a reliable, low power motor to meet today’s demands for the lowest energy consumption. With super fast drying, controlled by upper and lower sensors, Mitsubishi’ proven technology is the smart choice for energy and hygiene conscious Facility Managers.

» More energy efficient
Jet Towel’s advanced design coupled with its low power consumption motor brings a short drying time, resulting in the lowest energy costs available.

» Cost savings
Jet Towel has real operational cost advantages due to the low maintenance requirements and market leading energy savings.

» Improves hygiene
Jet Towel offers a very hygienic solution with its non-contact drying and anti-microbial material.

» Super fast drying
Water is simply blasted away with 180mph airflow, rather than evaporating, enabling hands to be dried in only 10 seconds.

» Environmentally friendly
There is no requirement to use chemical detergents to wash cloth roller towels. Less carbon dioxide is produced due to low energy consumption. No paper towels required.

Unique Mitsubishi Technology

Dual jet drying
For even faster drying, our proven Dual jet engineering is now enhanced with a
streamlined nozzle design.

Long service life
The DC brushless motor, designed for 7 years service (at 1000 uses daily), gives reduced wear and tear for long term power efficiency and operational stability.

Instant warm air
Jet towel stores up heat when the unit is not in use. Inserting hands instantly triggers a
warm jet of pre-heated air.

Automatic startup and stop
When the hands are fully inside jet towel, the lower sensor starts the airflow.As hands clear the upper sensor, operation stops automatically, in a touch-free hygienic design.

Ergonomic Design

Open-side design
The dryer is open on both sides, enabling easy hand access from the side without touching the unit.With hands inside, slowly lifting them up and down 2-3 times maximises drying performance and prevents droplets from
blowing back up.

User friendly design
The front hand insertion angle is a convenient 15 degrees, allowing hands to be eased into the unit in a natural posture.

Stays Sparkling Clean

Easy to clean
All parts that come into contact with water have had an antimicrobial treatment.The
material has also been treated to withstand alcohol-based cleaning products.

Independent air ducts
The air ducts are isolated from waterflow. Inserting the hands triggers a stream of fresh air from the ducts, drying hands with maximum speed and comfort.

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